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The culmination of over a decade of scientific research and multiple patents, this revolutionary serum is the first to address the 5 key processes known by reparative and regenerative biologists to have the most impact on cellular aging. This skin transforming serum contains five different anti-aging cell technologies:


Most skincare products and treatments correct and repair existing skin damage. Looked another way, traditional anti-aging skincare targets the product of the cell called downstream repair, not the cell itself called upstream repair.

It works and produces true transformation because our cells produce the skin and direct all anti-aging activity. To correct any and all signs of aging, focus on the cell (upstream), not just the skin (downstream).

the CURE focuses primarily on "upstream" repair. the RESULT...

Problem | Activation-resistant stem cells

Solution | Activate youthful skin where it begins 

As you age, skin cells die, youthful proteins decline and moisture-holding lipids decrease. Waiting to receive the molecular message to take the place of dying cells are reservoirs of adult stem cells hidden in microscopic niches within your skin. Recently, scientists discovered messengers in a North Atlantic alga reactivate dormant stem cells1 found in mature skin. Within days, skin is energized. Within weeks, skin appears regenerated. Contours become more defined, firmness returns, lines smooth and wrinkles are less noticeable.

Problem | Loss of cellular water

Solution | Boost cellular water 

Vital for life-giving hydration, aquaporins are ‘water pores’ in cell membranes known to channel water and other hydrators into cells. When we’re young, aquaporins are abundantly expressed on cell membranes of epidermal cells, but these water channels decline with age causing the epidermis to flatten and dehydrate. Skin may be hydrated by humectants, but little water is delivered inside cells. Skin looks flat, dull, lackluster. Surface lines appear. Remarkably, AquaxylTM, a composition of simple sugars from plant fibers, can boost these cellular water channels, strengthen the skin’s barrier function by boosting the production of epidermal hyaluronic acids, proteins, enzymes and lipids, and enhance skin’s volume and plumpness. Within hours, skin is radiant, smooth, hydrated and free from surface lines due to dehydrated cells

Problem | Damaged DNA

Solution | Repair the cellular blueprint

Your cellular blueprint and source code for youthening proteins – increases dramatically after the age of 30. Purified enzymes from the Mediterranean Arabidopsis plant repair the most common form of DNA damage within 2 hours2 of exposure to these corrective enzymes. Skin begins to act younger almost instantly.

Problem | Too little anti-aging cellular enzymes

Solution | Turn on cellular enzymes

Known as the “Guardian of the Cell”, cellular enzymes called sirtuins are thought to protect against DNA damage and cell death, boost cellular antioxidant defenses and increase the lifespan of cells. Resveratrol, the powerful antioxidant and sirtuin-booster famously found in red wine, is even more potent in Japanese Knotweed. Within two weeks, skin sensitivity is reduced, elasticity improves and deeper signs of aging begin to disappear3.

Problem | Downturn of energy within cells

Solution | Turn up cellular energy

With age, energy (the moving force of life) declines, until at the age of 60 your cells have fifty percent less fuel to operate than at 30. Ergothioneine, the cell’s principal energizing antioxidant, restores power to cells, quenching age-producing radicals and supporting cellular activities from detoxification to the production of youthful proteins. Within days, visible redness is calmed, signs of repair are enhanced, and an even tone and clarity begin to return to skin.


In a four-week consumer test, 4 out of 5 people who used this THE CURE TREATMENT SERIES twice a week reported the following:

  • On Contact - skin is visibly smooth, comfortably hydrated

  • Within 2 Days - redness & puffiness are dramatically reduced

  • Within 2 Weeks - radiance, vitality & repair are clearly enhanced

  • Within 6 Weeks - clarity, lines, firmness & sun damage are noticeably improved

  • Within 3 Months - wrinkles are radically diminished & contours redefined 


    the CURE is the 1st and only treatment series that contains and focuses on all five technologies. it's the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH.


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