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23852 Malibu Road. MALIBU, CA 90265

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Lauren Young London is one of the most acclaimed and educated skin therapists of our time.


She concentrated her research on human aging and on raising the awareness of her clients about themselves, always inviting them to take more responsibility for the reason why they age. A common theme, which runs through all of her work, is that aging isn’t necessary and actively focusing on Youth Management is the only accurate way to remain young and beautiful for a lifetime.


“One doesn’t loose their youth and beauty over night. Little by little we make poor choices in our lifestyle, which leads to repairs that cannot get fixed without the help of specialized topical treatments and serums for the skin,” LYL noted, “Overtime these repairs show up like rust and broken parts of a car... except with our body it isn’t as easy to just go buy a new one.”


In the spring of 2006, Lauren Young London studied cosmetic chemistry and cellular biology at UCLA, where she also attending her first class on the theories of aging. Having traveled widely with celebrities and other high profile individuals as a facialist, she realized the lifestyle rather than genetics plays a bigger role in how one ages. Finding the answer became her goal. Throughout her work as a skin therapist, her personal research and her formal studies, her only purpose was finding a working solution to prevent future aging and repair the damage already done.


Financing her early research through custom made skin care products, she quickly became one of the most highly demanded and respected skin therapists with the affluent. Early, during her development of an actual technology to slow down aging at a cellular level, it became apparent that she needed to tackle the problem of teaching people why we age. She discovered the barriers to aging gracefully and developed methods by which anyone can improve his or her ability to have the best years of life in front of them, not behind them. And she also wrote a considerable body of work on this subject which she termed, The London Method.


Used by those who want the very best in life, this anti-aging technology also provides vitally necessary education programs in nutrition, movement and other core components which affect aging.


“Whether managing the lifestyle of an a-list celebrity, princess, politician or high profile individual, lifestyle does matter when creating a personalized map to youth,” says Lauren Young London.


As a result of her research, Lauren Young London succeeded in resolving what had, until then, been a failure in one being able to manage their own youth. Her principles, first published in her guide, Is Aging Necessary? The Pursuit of Youth and What it Means in Preventing and Reversing Aging Skin, provided the understanding by which anyone can achieve or reclaim their youth and beauty.


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